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Please note planners cannot assist if you: Need help saving up a deposit for a house, buying your first investment property, withdrawing from super before retirement, saving tax, or if you are drowning in debts or expenses.

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***Currently For Australian Customers only***

Please note planners cannot assist if you:

  • ^Need help save up a deposit for a house, buy your first investment property, see what your borrowing capacity is or what house to choose. This is a mortgage broker.
  • #Need help saving tax and/ or with a business this is an accountant.
  • Are drowning in debts or expenses. Please call your credit provider or a debt relief/ credit repair company.
  • Want a planner to witness a document, our planners don’t do that.
  • *Want to make a claim on an insurance policy or make enquiries about existing super or investments, please call these companies directly



So Who Are The Best Financial Advisors?

We have consistently found over the years that the best Financial Advisors have certain skills and characteristics that truly define their knowledge, ethics, and business practices.

They are the Financial Advisors who have the specialized expertise you need to achieve your specific financial goals.

They are the Financial Advisors we believe you can trust to put your financial interests first and not just theirs.

We suggest you look for these characteristics when you meet with the Financial Advisor.

Then you can select the best Financial Advisor who comes closest to matching all of these criteria.

The 10 Characteristics Of The Best Financial Advisors

The Following are the Top 10 characteristics that we recommend you should look for when you meet with our Financial Advisors. The Financial Advisors should:

  1. Be a member of a reputable dealer group with high standards and quality business systems
  2. Be compensated with fees and not just commissions (asset-based, fixed, hourly).
  3. Be a member of the Financial Planning Association Of Australia or similar quality industry body
  4. Have spotlessly clean compliance records (as per ASIC).
  5. Have many years of proven and relevant Financial Advisory experience (planning, investing).
  6. Have appropriate degrees and recent current industry certifications.
  7. Provide financial advice as well as ongoing wealth management services.
  8. Recommend only approved and high quality services and products that are fully secure and backed.
  9. Be easy to research on the Internet (website, databases, name search, Linked In, Facebook, ASIC)
  10. Practice nothing less than full transparency for their credentials, ethics, business practices, and services before, during and after you meet them.