How Do I Combine All Of My Superannuation?

If you want to consolidate, grow, or merge your superannuation accounts the great news is that the initial consultation with a financial advisor is FREE and no-obligation.

Below, we take you through the steps to combine all of your superannuation and make sure you may maximise your super and not lose it necessarily.

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If you have $200,000 in super or more this should be discussed with a financial planner. Save time by speaking to a planner and getting them to work hard for you. Its a planner’s job to tell and show you and demonstrate, how investing in them is better than doing it yourself.

Tools To Help You Find and Potentially Grow Your Super

While you are waiting to Find your Financial Advisor and consolidate your super, grow it or get help improving how much you have in superannuation, use the below tools to help you make the most out of your meeting: Helps you consolidate your super . Helps you find your missing superannuation Helps you find out how much you need in super. Lets you check how much super you should have based on your salary.

Remembering your old companies may help you locate your old super

One way to combine your super is to find old payslips or old super statements and then work with one of our planners to combine the superannuation. The financial adviser could call these companies and see if they can send a form to consolidate or combine your super. Of course, if you have a member number of super accounts you want to roll over, the planner can use these.

Is your Retirement and Super impacted by Excessive Fees?

Having multiple super accounts could mean you are paying fees you do not know about, which may be unnecessary, or could reduce your retirement savings. It’s important to review this now

Canstar quote that the average super is between 0.88% to 1.24% in fees and is based on balance. This could turn into quite a bit of money if your balance is high. Let’s say the fee is in the range of $60 per year, which is possible with the average balances on super depending on age. (Australian super example). If you have 6 super accounts; this could mean you may have to work an extra 3-5 years to retire safely and securely. Always check these sorts of examples directly with your planner to see if they are relevant to you but even if it was less than this, it is still concerning for the average Australian.

If these multiple supers are let unclaimed then it could be transferred to the ATO and it is critical to see a financial planner to avoid losing super when it is your money. If you’ve ever changed:
• Your name (a good example is a marriage),
• Address- who hasn’t moved in the last 5 years? or;
• Your Job,
Your superannuation company or the ATO may not have matching details, which can result in your super becoming lost or unclaimed. Super is your money. You should check it regularly. As the saying goes “What gets measured gets improved”

Can you have 2 Superannuation Funds?

There is no rule that says we must have only one super fund and we’re told constantly that having more than one is not good because of the fees, charges, lost super and other concerns.

There may be a reason that you want two super funds, and you should discuss these needs with a good financial planner.

They can run models for you and see how having one, two or more may be of benefit to you.

There could be some estate planning, insurance reasons [ link to an article about how much a planner cost does] (you could lose your cover if you combine super products). There could be a benefit in getting cover through many superannuation companies that could help if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

You should check any of the information above with your financial planner. You can also check this information with the financial adviser we match you to. This is to ensure it is relevant and appropriate to you. Check if your retirement and future are impacted by having more than one super account. It will save stress and strain later. 

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